i could see it in your eyes, but i just didn’t carei knew the days were numbered but i fell anywayi knew exactly, i knew exactly what you would be to mea scar on the horizon, a perfect illusory light
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Even if these writers concede — with hesitation of course — that us bisexuals exist, now we do so without a cultural identity?

This might as well be the same as questioning our very existence — it certainly translates into real life experiences that do. At it’s best, it’s when I’m viewed as little more than sexual meat by couples propositioning me on OkCupid, or when I’m accused of being too afraid to come out as gay. At its worst, it’s precious media space devoted to how I’m perceived as “dirty,” instead of exploring why 45 percent of bisexual women have contemplated or attempted suicide, why we’re twice as likely to have an eating disorder compared to our lesbian counterparts and why, compared with straight women and lesbians, we have the highest rates of alcohol abuse instead.

But, I don’t have to look to Slate or any other online magazine to know that when I tell people I identify as bisexual, it holds less cultural currency than when I say I’m simply “queer.” Given that the term has been recently reclaimed from its pejorative roots, the political undertones are more obvious. Remove the word “bisexual” from my vocabulary, and I’m instantly more accepted in the lesbian scene; considered more dateable, and trustworthy, even.

Bisexual Culture is No ‘Fiction’ | Alex Berg for the Huffington Post Gay Voices  (via gaywrites)
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Bisexuals don’t go around asking straight people if they’re “confused” or going through a “phase.” Indeed, heterosexuality is presumed until explicitly stated otherwise. Coming out as gay (for the most part) is not met with a chorus of “nuh uh!” Most people’s sexual orientations and identities are taken at the word of their beholders. But this isn’t the case for bisexuality. Why? Why do we think all bi men are “closet-cases” and bi women are “lesbians until graduation”? Part of is has to do with stereotypes, of course, but it’s a curious conundrum nonetheless, especially when you consider that more Americans believe in angels and Santa Claus than bisexuals.
8 Questions About Bisexuality That Are Better Than “Does It Exist” (via brutereason)
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You look like a ghost.
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new pope

like, ‘yeah you can totally sit there’

New Pope is the best Pope. He doesn’t hate on everyone who doesn’t conform to his faith. He lets tiny children sit in his big official chair. He poses for selfies. He is a good Pope and I hope he is with us for a long time.

this is actually significant because that isn’t just “the official chair.”
that’s the Holy See.
The Holy See is considered the sovereign of Vatican City. No, seriously.
Every other pope has used a throne for the Holy See. Francis replaced the ornate object with THE SAME CHAIR THAT EVERY OTHER LEADER WHO VISITS THE VATICAN USES. This was an action that created a considerable stir, as one might imagine. It was a significant remark, metaphorically, putting the pope at the same level as every other world leader. No greater a man than his peers.
And after all of that, he sees a little kid run past him and lets him sit in the freaking Holy See.
And no one stops him.
Good man. Best pope.

That kid is living the dream and the Pope is just like “Okay” and the guy in the back is like “Ye kid”

you can just see an old lady in the background gasping at the horror of this little kid sitting in the popes chair

isnt this the pope that said fuck during a speech

and the one who blessed a male stripper’s parrot
and the one who used to be a bouncer
and the one who has washed the feet of prison inmates, women, and Muslims alike
and the one who attends soccer tournaments

I love this man
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Everyone reblog this can’t this is perfect

Out of these 454k notes how many of them waited for the number to reach to zero?

you know how scared i was when it was almost zero
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