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#i like how Eve is like ‘oh god no i don’t like this question #and john is like ‘my time has come’
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Torchwood Episode Stills
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  • Real Life: Assume straight until proven gay.
  • Tumblr: Assume gay until proven straight.
  • Fandom: Assume Gay even if proven straight
  • Sherlock: Gay until gay, gay, gay, gay.
  • Supernatural: Gay, gay, gay, angel, gay, winchester, gay.
  • Glee: Gay, gay, gay, gay, GAY, gay, GAY, double gay, gay.
  • Merlin: Gay, gay, gay, magic, gay, gay, medieval stuff, gay.
  • Avengers: gay, gay, gay, superhero stuff, gay gay gay.
  • Torchwood: Bisexual, gay, bisexual, omnisexual, bisexual, gay
  • Hetalia: Draw a circle, that's how straight we are
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Anybody who is a fan of:
1. Doctor Who
2. Torchwood
3. Supernatural
4. Being Human
5. Harry Potter
6. The Avengers
7. Star Trek

Follow me, and I will respond with following you!

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